Saturday, 14 July 2007

a-MAZE-ing Adventure of Tuesday

Our last big day of activities saw us spending the day at Tasmazia just past Sheffield. It is apparently the world's largest maze and we were stuck in there for hours trying to find our way around and out! It was heaps of fun, Oscar managed to walk almost the whole time without getting tired but had definitely had enough of walking around in circles by the end! It is a great place to take a family as all ages can enjoy it. Within the maze there were about 5 smaller mazes that you had to find your way through, along with a miniature village to explore.
We farewelled the Coward clan on Wednesday. They left on the boat for Melbourne again where they dropped Whitney off at her new house for the next 5 months while she stays behind to finish year 12 and the rest of them headed off to Sydney for a week to spend time with Gemmah and Eve and their families before heading off to the USA next Monday!


Lisa King said...

Wow Tone - your tummy is getting so big now!!! We keep saying we should go there, but haven't made it yet.
Is it ok for wheelchairs? The chair is such a pain!

Marnie Watson said...

I love the pic of your shadow- very cool! Not long to go now!!!!! xx

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