Wednesday, 4 July 2007

They're Here!!!

Grandie and Nana and Spenser have arrived!! They traveled last night on the Spirit of Tasmania and thankfully had a wonderfully smooth crossing and arrived at our house this morning at about 8:30am. We were all very excited to see them - Oscar especially, he remembered them from our last trip to Melbourne to visit them and hasn't stopped giving them "cuggles" and jumping all over them all day!

We started out the cold and rainy day with breakfast at the Raspberry Farm this morning, them spent some time at home chatting and catching up on all of the news. After lunch, we went to Chudleigh and visited the Honey Farm.

We then continued on towards Mole Creek and went on a short walk to see Alum Cliffs. The view was spectacular, especially with the mist coming down over the cliffs and we were lucky enough for the rain to hold off. It is a lovely walk, Oscar even managed to make most of it on his own and then slept beautifully all the way home! So we are looking forward to a week of fun and adventures with our family before they head off to their new home in Bountiful, Utah. Whitney and Ashleigh will arrive on Saturday night so that will be fun to have them around too.


Lisa King said...

Oh wow - it looks beautiful there - I have never been there before. Will have to make a trip I think! Guess it isn't wheelchair friendly hey!?
Have fun!

Marnie Watson said...

Have a fantastic week with your family guys!

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