Saturday, 28 July 2007


Oscar has started a fixation with trains...he loves to hear them and see them and watch them on TV. Any toy or egg carton or box is a train, choo-chooing around the house. So today we decided to take him on a train ride. We went on the Don River Railway in Devonport, it was cute, he had such a fun time and was so excited and overwhelmed by it all! Was talking about Thomas the whole way and saying "choo-choo" and pointing at things out the window.

This morning before we left for our train adventure, Jaron and Oscar made a train for Oscar to play in out of this box!!!
And yes, due day is today for me...still nothing :( but it can't be too much longer.


Lisa said...

So cute about the trains! I can see that he may be getting lots of Thomas the Tank Engine stuff from Santa this year!? Nan told me today you weren't at chuch and something about contractions!!!!! What is going on!?!?!? Any news!???

Marnie Watson said...

Cute pics tone, Denver also loved it when we took him on the Don river railway, he was about the same age. are you still at home, havent heard any new yet?? All teh best, love marns

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