Saturday, 8 September 2007

Busy Week

I have been a slack blogger this week. We have had busy week having lunch with friends, going to playgroups, doing a bit of shopping and hanging out with Fil.

We found out about two cool things for Oscar to do this week. On Thursdays the Child Health Association holds a Playgym for kids from birth - 5 years. It was fantastic. There were so many fun things for Oscar to do and heaps of kids for him to play with. Great for me too because he got really really tired and had a super long sleep in the afternoon!! His favourite things were the basketball ring, cool cars and mini trampolines. On Friday we went to a playgroup at the primary school down the road. That was lots of fun too with heaps of toys and paints, playdough, stories and friends to play with.

Little miss clean and fresh after a shower...she loves showers with Daddy and Oscar!
Oscar's new trick this week is sticking his finger up his nose...he loves the reaction he gets - "disgusting!"

Lil's new trick this week is lifting her head up while lying on her tummy. Very clever little baby!


The Kings said...

Nice finger up the nose Oscar- turning into such a boy!! :)

MattP said...

Lil is growing up so fast! Thanks for keeping your distant relatives up to date with wonderful photos and stories!

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