Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Lil gets Blessed

On Sunday we were privileged to have Lil blessed. Jaron gave her a beautiful blessing and she was so quiet during it. It was also nice for Jaron as Sunday was Fathers Day. Dad and Pop Triffitt assisted him we wish that Grandie Coward and Grandad Parsons and Lil's uncles were able to be here too, but we know that distance makes things difficult.
Lil with Great Nan and Pop Triffitt...she is great-grandchild number 45!!! I think that is right...somewhere in the 40's anyway! Can you imagine ever having 45 great-grandchildren and still being around to see them all - these two are amazing!
We have come to the conclusion that without professional help it is impossible to get a decent Triffitt family photo! Notice Cade leaving a spot for Ty in the back!
What a sweet little dress!!!


Marnie Watson said...

Sweet photos. i would have loved to be there for Lil's blessing, hopefully we will see you guys on the weekend, love you xx

The Parsons Family said...

sweet little dress, sweet little girl!

The Kings said...

Beautiful little dress!!! Great photos with Nan and Pop too. I can see she is smiling now - how cute! Looks like a lovely day.x

Sarah said...

Oh Toni, I love Lil's dress, so beautiful! I'm so glad everything went well with the blessing.

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