Friday, 14 September 2007

Chubby Bubby

Look at this 6 week old chubba! Her cheeks are getting so full, so are her little thighs. Yummy!
This is Oscar at exactly the same age - he was a skinny little boy for ages!


Marnie Watson said...

Please tell Lil to stop growing until I get to meet her!!!!! They grow up too fast. Love you xx

MattP said...

What terrific photos! Anyone would think these two children were related :-) Congratulations on such gorgeous pixies!!

Marnie Watson said...

Oh, and what a gorgeous bib Lil has on!!!!! Where did you get that?

The Kings said...

She is getting very chubby, and is very cute. Oscar still looks the same - just bigger - and chubbier :)

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