Thursday, 13 September 2007

Helping Hands

Yesterday we went to Nan and Pop's for a visit. It was a beautiful sunny day. Fil and Cade came over to tell us that they were helping shovel sand over Nan and Pop's lawn with some other family members so that new grass could be sown and Nan and Pop could have nice grass for the summer, so we decided to tag along.

Pop - the grand overseer!
Cade and Oscar hard at work
Uncle Kim - wanted to give Oscar a ride in the wheelbarrow, but Oscar wasn't so sure!
Aunty Margaret - she always looks stunning!
Filipa - since coming home from Africa she has taken a position working at Tom's Log Homes & Cabins! Fits the tradeswoman role, don't you think??
Almost finished
Aunty Margaret found Oscar this little spade to dig with - better than the pitchfork he found which could have gone through his foot...
How random and cool is this cobweb covered chair in the greenhouse?


The Kings said...

Cool! Looks like lots of fun. Wish I was there too. Pop looks good.

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