Monday, 3 September 2007

Fathers Day for the best Daddy ever!

Fathers Day for Jaron began with Oscar showering him with a custom made Dad's Bag full of lots of yummy treats and a new CD. Oscar was very cute "helping" Jaron check out what was in the bag...of course he had to help Dad share his lollies!
Then off to church where Jaron was able to bless baby Lil followed by an afternoon spent at Mum and Dad's with lots of delicious food...prawns, pork ribs, vegies, lemon meringue pie, custard tarts and strawberries - YUM!
Jaron is the best Dad in the whole world - I could never ask for more for my children. He always has so much time for them and loves to play with them, give them baths and lots of kisses and cuddles.


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