Friday, 12 October 2007

The countdown is on

This is serious see, he is using two computers so its gotta be serious!
I am soooo sick of books and building plans strewn around the house, but I am trying my very best to be patient and supportive!

Jaron has about 4 weeks left until he is finished with uni once and for all - he has been going for 8 years! For me, the thought of 4 weeks left is VERY exciting...we will finally have our Dad and husband back and will not have to discuss building plans and designs every 5 minutes! For Jaron, the thought of only 4 weeks to get everything done is stressful, but I know he will be okay.
So, when it is all over it is time to move into the "real world" - the world of a 9-5 working Dad. Although it will be great to have a decent, stable income, I know we will both miss the life of a student. The money is rotten, but the flexibility is wonderful. Never having to answer to anyone, taking holidays and going out for lunch whenever we want, having Jaron home a couple of days a week, etc.
When he is finished he will have three degrees behind him, so I think it is definitely time he puts university behind him once and for all!!


Carli said...

When he starts his own business he'll have flexibility and independence back without the lousy pay :)

Tempany Family said...

There are plenty of jobs and business opportunities in Melbourne :-)

The Kings said...

8 years is a long time - it will all be worth it soon! Aaron was at uni for 6 years and got two degrees, so I guess it was worth it but at the time it seemed like it would never end. You are right though - life of a student is great, but having a steady income is so much better and not having assignments all the time - what a blessing! He will be so much less stressed. Very exciting for you all!

The Triffitts said...

Hope Jaron can get in work tassie if that what you want. That is a great achievment, hope the next four weeks fly by

Eden,Steph and Chloe

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