Friday, 12 October 2007

Monkey Madness

Okay, so I have gone a tad mad over monkeys...visited one of my favourite quilt stores yesterday planning to buy some fabric to make a bag for Whitney for her birthday and ended up with fabric to make a funky monkey quilt instead! (Sorry Whit, the bag will come eventually - the monkeys were just too cute!) So, this is the fabric I selected to make they quilt - for Oscar to snuggle under when he watches telly...I have super easy pattern made using a quick strip cutting and piecing technique. I haven't done it before, but so far it is very quick and easy - just what I need to fit in between feeds and tending to little ones.
While I was in the shop I came across this pattern to make a cute monkey! How cool is he?? I just couldn't resist, so that came home with me too...a few projects to keep me busy and sane for the next little while!

In a monkey mood last night I found a few sites online with instructions to make sock monkeys. They are made out of a pair of socks! Have been looking at these cute little things for awhile now, but never got around to making them so now that monkeys have taken over our house, I will have a go at making some of them soon. (Can you tell that I haven't made anything in aaaages and am having withdrawls!!!)
P.S. Anyone know where I can buy some funky socks??


Anonymous said...

Love the monkey fabric very paul frank! try surf stores for cool socks?
- Holly

The Parsons Family said...

Toni... go check out this girls monkeys... I love them! She's pretty clever!

Just bought Hattie and Darby monkey jamies with tutus on!!!!

The Kings said...

Love the monkeys! Very cute

Marnie Watson said...

hey Tone, love the sock monkey idea...when Denver was born my sister bought him a Paul Frank sock monkey, it was so cool. I went out and bought a couple of pairs of funky socks to make some sock monkeys...they are still in my craft cupboard, 5 years on. Im sure yours wont take that long to make, so I cant wait to see them! xx

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