Tuesday, 16 October 2007

snip, snip

We always said that when Oscar turns 2 we would get rid of his dummy. Well, we were a week late, but we have taken the plunge and done it!
When Mason was younger, Winston cut his dummys up with a pair of scissors and got Mason to put them in the bin so that he knew what had happened to them and that they were broken and he couldn't use them anymore. I remember everyone being so horrified that Winston could do something so traumatic to a little boy!! Haha! But it worked. Carli and Winston also did the same thing with Maya and it worked with her too, so we thought we would adopt the same technique with Oscar!
It has been a couple of days now, but so far, so good. Every now and then he asks for it and then remembers and says "Daddy, dummy, snip, snip, bin". So, he has been sleeping without it and life is fine.
I think we were more worried about what it would mean for us if Oscar didn't have his dummy anymore, but now I realise that the dummy was more important to us than it was to Oscar!!


Melissa said...

Thats a good idea Toni, hope it works for you. I've got a thumb sucker, don't think that habbits going to be as easy to break!

Konnie said...

Hey Toni, Love your blog.
Yeah we cut up Josh'd dummy too at that age and got him to put it in the bin. The final straw was when the rubbish truck came and he waved goodbye to it. He stopped asking for it after that.

Donna said...

I foolowed what you have just done with my 2 year old daughter Olivia 3 nights ago. Has been a bit traumatic, but have come to far to turn back to the dummy. Great tip btw. Love Donna

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