Monday, 15 October 2007

3 little spirits

On Saturday we went to a baby shower for Emma. It was lots of fun and great to catch up with some friends and have a chat.
These 3 little monkeys had a photo shoot...aren't they so cute together?
Darcy (left) is Anna (Horsman) and Devin Cullis' son and is 17 weeks old, Lil is in the middle, 10 weeks old, and William (right) is Louise and Levi's son and is 20 weeks old. (Did I get those ages right girls??)
They are all related, so no little loves here - just great friends! We were trying to work out what their relationship to each other is, but it started to get a little complicated and I know people will start to bag us out for being so "Tasmanian-ish" and having cousins and second cousins everywhere!
I think it is great for our kids to grow up with lots of family members around and lots of little cousins (no matter how distantly related!) to play with...we just wish we were closer to our children's first cousins who all live in Sydney so that they could grow up being great friends too!


Anonymous said...

What beautiful little spirits they are! :)
I totally agree it is great that they have cousins to grow up with.

Konnie said...

They are all gorgeous. Darcy is definitely a Horsman.

The Kings said...

So cute. Will is HUGE! It is nice that they will have cousins to play with like we did.

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