Saturday, 6 October 2007

Turning Two!!!

Turning two is so much fun! Especially when you have so many lovely friends to share it with!

Oscar's official birthday is tomorrow (7th Oct), so we decided to have a party at the park today. Lucky for us we were blessed with a beautiful day after a week or so of rain, wind and hail! Like all good birthday parties, the Mama was up late the night before putting together the TRAIN CAKE!!! There were almost a few disasters, but it all came together in the end. It was worth it for the absolute joy and excitement that Oscar couldn't contain in the morning when he saw it. He couldn't stop looking at it and trying to get his chubby little fingers on those smarties!

I'm really glad we decided to have his little party at the park, it meant the kids could run around crazy and have a good play while the adults got to have a chat and best of all...minimum clean up from me!
The hit of the day was the electronic bubble gun, the kids were going crazy over who got to have the next go and loved playing in the floating bubbles.
I think word has got out that Oscar is a huge Thomas fan, he scored some great trains and a very cool Thomas book as well as an array of other lovely gifts. Couldn't wait to have a read...
Sheer contentment...while the other kids were playing on the equipment, Oscar was more than happy wandering around with his marshmallow cone (which he was licking like an ice cream!) and Thomas cup of water!
Singing "Happy Birthday" he didn't quite know what to do, so cuddled into his best buddy Jackson.
I think the best thing about putting time and effort into making a birthday cake is watching the children eat it with such excitement and pleasure...
Opening presents was lots of fun, all the kids pitched in to help!
Having a play with his new train.
Isn't Hallie just so cute you could eat her?! I could!!!It was a great morning, its fun to see Oscar grow and start to get excited about events like his birthday. I still can't believe he is two years old...


The Kings said...

Looks like it was heaps of fun. Parties at the park as so good - glad that the weather was okay for you. The cake looked SO good!!! Can't believe that you could do all that with a little baby at home! Glad you all had a nice time.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Oscar!!

What a wonderful cake; you are so talented Toni.


Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Oscar!!! So glad it was a nice day for you guys. Love the cake too Toni, I can just imagine all the kids faces when they saw it.

The Kings said...

Hey Tone
This isn't a comment about Oscar's bday - but I think it is time for you to update your profile and profile pic! :) It says Oscar is one and Lil isn't even in the picture at all!

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