Friday, 30 November 2007

.have joy.

The christmas tree is up! We put it up on Monday night, but when we put the lights on we discovered that the wire had been cut and they didn't work so I had to take them back to the shop and exchange them for a new box. Such a pain, but it is finally all, I lie...still have to buy some light blue fabric to go around the bottom of the tree and am looking for a silver star to go on the top.

Last christmas Oscar was an 'in-to-everything' 1 year old and I got so sick of re-decorating the tree every day that the decorations ended up only being on the top half of the tree so that he couldn't reach them! I am looking forward to the tree staying decorated this year :)
He loves the lights and admiring the decorations, drove me crazy when the tree was being put up with endless chants "boo-fil christmas tree" "pretty light" "twinkle stars" "niiice"...can't wait to do more christmasy crafts and cooking with him.

I made the stars using wooden stars covered with blue and silver scrapbook paper. I inked the edges with silver ink and covered them with a sparkly blue glitter - did the same with the "joy" letters.

The doves were made with felt and scraps of blue fabric for the wings. I was going to hang them from the mantelpiece but I think they fit well nestled in the tree.


The Kings said...

The tree looks very pretty. I just did some letters saying 'joy' too - in Christmas colours. Saw them at Becky's house and thought I would borrow the idea. Wasn't sure whether to 'joy', 'peace' or hope' but Joy won out.

Marnie Watson said...

The tree looks beautiful- I love the decorations you made, and the JOY letters look fantastic!!!

Carli said...

The tree looks charming - I like the doves and the iced window photo borders...

Simone Triffitt said...

Ha you are so talented that I am glad you did not come and decorate a gingerbread house. Mine would have looked so dismal next to yours. Only joking - i was hoping you were there so we could catch up. xx.

Jackie & Mark said...

Hi Toni
Love your Christmas tree..Kealins birthday was fun..then in the afternoon had to go the chapel for the Primary Christmas party..
Hey! can I ask you a favour? How do you get different pictures for your header on the blog and how did you get the oval shape to your photo for the looks good and I want to do it..
Love Jackie

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