Friday, 16 November 2007

.Moving to the beach.

Well, I haven't posted in awhile because Dad has borrowed my camera and I haven't been able to take any new photos.
Anyway, its been a busy week, packing up the house and cleaning, not fun, hard to get motivated, but tonight is the big move to our new home in Shearwater...yes, we are moving to the beach! We will be renting a house from my Aunty and Uncle until they sell it so it could be only for a couple of months or could be for much longer. We are happy to enjoy it for the summer and take things as they come.
So at the moment there is stuff all over the house, things in boxes and bags ready to go and all those little bits and pieces that get left till the end and you end up throwing them in the bin at the last minute!
Wish us luck that everything gets moved without any dramas tonight!
This pic is from February 2006, Jaron and baby Oscar at the beach in Shearwater.


Marnie Watson said...

How exciting- good luck with the big move! What a lovely summer you will have at the beach!!! xx

Anonymous said...

All the best Cowards! We move in 4 weeks so I feel your "pain". Where do all those "little bits" come from?!! It has always astounded me that no matter how carefully we pack there are alway "BITS"! :-) Can't wait to see pics of your beach side paradise!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the move Toni.

Angela said...

Good luck with the move. How lucky to be moving near the beach with weather like this.

Cade said...

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