Tuesday, 13 November 2007

.the new car.

I try to be excited...I really do. Its just that cars don't really interest me. As long as it goes I am happy. My poor husband has been so excited about getting our new car and I am not very enthusiastic, so he has to talk to his Dad and my Dad and other car enthusiasts to get a decent "car conversation" going.
Anyway, thought I should do a "new car" blog post seeing that it is (apparently) a cool thing to blog about.
Peugeot 306, 1999 model (I think...)
Oscar likes the sunroof...I like the colour...Lil doesn't care...Jaron likes everything!


Marnie Watson said...

woohoo! A new car! well, Im excited about it! Very stylish!

The Kings said...

ha ha - that is funny. I'm the same - I don't care as long as it goes. I love our van as it has heaps of room and goes! Don't need anything else.

MattP said...

Jaron, if you want a car conversation, feel free to Skype the Sydney Parsons anytime day or night. Your new one looks like Filipa's white one which I saw at Carli's the other month. Very nice. Is there a Peugeot bug in the Tassie water?

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