Monday, 12 November 2007

.Recipe Monday.

Okay, these are really bad - but really good!
Jaron and I made them up last weekend and they are way better than any ice cream you can buy,

Rocky Road Ice Creams
1. Place waffle cones in freezer to chill.
2. Melt chocolate.
3. Spread melted chocolate in chilled waffle cones - using the back of a spoon works well.
4. Place chocolate coated cones in freezer to set chocolate.
5. Place slightly softened vanilla ice cream into a bowl.
6. Stir through chopped marshmallows, crushed nuts and shredded coconut.
7. Place a scoop of ice cream into each cone and place in freezer to set.
8. When ice cream is very hard and cold again, drizzle each ice cream cone with melted chocolate and place in freezer to set again.


Anonymous said...

Maddi says "yummm yummmm!" They look delicious. I'm a big fan of rocky road. Will have to try them tonight.


The Parsons Family said...

I swear I put on weight just lookng at the "bad" things you make!!!!!

Carli said...

I am so glad I wasn't there - I would have caved for sure! I have been dying for some homemade rocky road all week...

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