Monday, 3 December 2007

.Recipe Monday.

*note* (The big boy did beautifully last waking up, no falling out...and this morning he slept in until 8:30am instead of waking at his usual 6:30-7am! Hope that keeps up! It was so cute when he woke up this morning he stayed in his bed singing and chatting to himself until I went in to get him out. I don't think he realised that he could get out on his own!!)

Ok...back to recipe monday...

I am totally smitten by rocky road and made a yummy one, I don't really have quantities to share, so just make them up how you like!

Rocky Road
Milk Chocolate Melts (I use Nestle)
Good quality eating chocolate (I use Cadbury block)
Crushed nuts
Shredded coconut
Rice Bubbles

Break chocolate into small pieces and melt (I do mine in the microwave on a VERY low setting for about 20 seconds at a time, stirring in between each 20 seconds - its better to take your time because once the chocolate burns it can't be used, can also melt over a pan of simmering water if you are scared of burning the chocolate in the microwave). Use more chocolate melts than eating chocolate, the eating chocolate is to give it a better flavour - perhaps around 300g melts and 150g eating chocolate?

Stir through chopped marshmallows (I only use normal sized ones chopped in half because I don't like the tase of the mini marshmallows), crushed nuts, chopped apricots, shredded coconut and rice bubbles.

Pour into any dish or pan lined with baking paper and place in the fridge until set.

*the rice bubbles were a new addition to my rocky road recipe and they were ever so good! Nice and crispy and bulked it up a bit more*
*will be making some special christmas treats with rocky road this week so stay tuned....*


The Kings said...

Hey Tone - that is funny about Oscar not getting or realising he could get up on his own. Harri did the same thing for the first month or so. He was so well trained that when he was in bed, that was it - there was no getting out that he would call out till I went in! He now comes out on his own.

Carli said...

Rocky Road is my all-time favourite. Remember when I ate Jaron's Father's Day Rocky Road? Not all of it, just some!

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