Sunday, 27 January 2008

.crocheted flowers.

Filipa is having a vintage/hippie feel to her wedding and I had this crazy idea that I, who has never crocheted before would be able to whip up heaps of pretty little crocheted flowers for her!
Seriously, how hard could they be? Well, it might have helped if I had an incy little clue about the general rules of crochet - which I don't. I couldn't even hold the needle right - is that what it is called, hmm...hook, maybe?!! So after quite a few fumbled attempts, I was about to give up.
...Until Linda came around on Friday afternoon and I roped her into giving me a crash-course! It is soooo much easier to learn first-hand from one who is skilled in the art, than try and follow written instructions online!
So, thankyou SO much Linda...they finally worked out! Pretty cute, huh? I am having visions of these little pretties dressing up bags, tops, jeans, hats, cushions...I'm off to have a play at a few different pattens now!
BTW, I used this very helpful tutorial to get me going...


Donna said...

SO CUTE.. Oh I love them Toni.I can just vision them on a cute t-shirt as well. x

Anonymous said...

They look awesome! I can feel the crocheting bug coming back to me... uh oh!
Linda :-)

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