Monday, 28 January 2008

.her first swim.

After a sweltering hot day we were grateful to have a swim and BBQ at the Latrobe Pool for our Ward's Australia Day activity. I didn't even know that Latrobe had a public swimming pool, it was lovely and warm and a nice way to cool off. I hadn't planned on putting Lil in the water, but the water was just too tempting so we put her in in her clothes. She absolutely LOVED it, was kicking and splashing and giggling away. So cute. We have been at the beach all day today (more about that later) and she loved the water there too.
Such a happy-go-lucky easy to take anywhere little girl.


Cas and Jared said...

Cute! I'll send an email to Fil!
Her wedding is not far away is it?!
Cas x

Lulu said...

Yes, I only discovered it this past summer when my niece took me there. I rather like it.

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