Thursday, 10 January 2008

.They are here!.

Much to our delight, Carli, Mason, Maya and Baby Kayla arrived on our doorstep on Tuesday. There has been lots of noise and fun playing since. Little Kayla is 5 weeks younger than Lil and she is HUGE! Longer than Lil by about 10cm. She is such a sweetie. Mason and Maya have both grown older too. The last time we saw them was in May.
Yesterday we went to the beach in the afternoon - it was around 5pm and we went swimming. So so so nice and warm. The kids were all petrified of the thousands of little crabs scurrying along the beach.


Marnie Watson said...

How cool- its so lovely to have family around! I love how GREEN your yard is ( I wish i had some grass!). xx

The Kings said...

It took me a minute to work out who baby Kayla was! :) Must be so fun to have them there with you.

The Parsons Family said...

yay, Ill be up North in a week so I look forward to cathing up with you guys!

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