Friday, 11 January 2008

.sleep over.

Sleepovers for little boys are sooo much fun! Mason had a sleepover last night and the boys were very excited. The evening began with a bit of basketball and bike riding, then Aunt Carli and Maya came for a visit while Jaron and I went for a swim (it was 8pm and DIVINE!).
So, bed time...the boys both slept in Oscar's room and loved having LOTS of stories read to them by Jaron, when it came time to turn out the lights and go to sleep...well that was a whole other story! Oscar decided to spit it and cried and carried on for Jaron or I to lie down with him. He has been doing this lately at bedtime and we have been trying to ignore it hoping that it will go away! Poor old Mason was sooo tired and just wanted to go to sleep and kept saying "please be quiet baby Oscar, I want to go to sleep!" So after about half and hour Jaron got Oscar out of bed and I sat with him in the spare bed. Mason appears soon after telling us that he isn't sleepy anymore so he came in the spare bed too! It just wasn't working, they were determined not to go to sleep, so at 10pm Jaron took Oscar into our bed and Mason fell asleep in the spare bed and I carried two sleeping boys into their own beds at 10:30pm! Fun, fun...thats how sleep overs are supposed to be, right - trying to get as little sleep as possible?! I think we (parents) still have a lot to learn in the sleep over department! To top things off, they both woke up at 6:30am - which is unheard of in our house...but they are happy!
Meanwhile, this little miss was being as adorable as ever...5 months old now.


The Kings said...

Oh what a crack up! I bet they will be tired tonight.

Simone Triffitt said...

Aah sleepovers - I don't know why they call them sleepovers because no-one actually gets any sleep, kids or parents!!

Marnie Watson said...

Oscar looks tiny behind that basketball!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun :-) Hinckley used to do the "stay with me" thing too and dad taught me a little trick. We put a chair in her room and would say "I can only stay if you keep your eyes closed". So instead of tears for an hour or more I would sit in the chair for about 10 minutes till she dropped off! If she opened her eyes I would remind her kindly of the deal. Let me know if it works on little man :-)

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