Thursday, 13 March 2008

.is there such a thing as red crepe paper poisoning?.

...because if there is, Lil has got it!
We went to playgroup this morning. Every week they have a new theme with activities and things to do that revolve around the theme. Today Oscar was so excited because it was a Thomas the Tank Engine theme. Lots of trains to play with and Thomas colouring in to do and a Thomas dance to finish off with...he even got to make his very own cool Thomas out of boxes.
There it is...but Thomas seems to be missing a nice big flow of red crepe paper smoke coming from his chimney (is that what it is?!)

I was cooking away in the kitchen, the kids were happily playing in the loungeroom, when I checked on them I was greeted with a red crepe paper-stained little girl. She had ink everwhere, all over her face, hands, clothes and a big wad of it stuck on the roof of her mouth.
Those photos were taken AFTER I had cleaned her up! I remember reading a warning on crepe paper streamers that says "do not get wet"...I will pay attention to it from now on! I can just imagine for the next few days that every abnormal behaviour is going to be blamed on the crepe paper!

Lil is commando crawling everywhere now. Its more difficult keeping the house "baby-proof" this time around as Oscar leaves things around that Lil shouldn't be touching. I'm sure she will survive! Her crawling is getting quick...especially when food is the target (can you tell?).

P.S. From now on crepe paper is banned in our house.


Sarah said...

Poor Lil! She looks like she's really not sure what is going on. Its amazing how quickly anything and everything goes in their mouths. I always tell myself its helping them build up a good immune system so I don't feel so bad about all the dodgy stuff that gets past me and straight to their mouths.

Donna said...

oh she is so adorable.. red mouth and all. Hopefully she won't have any weird behaviour patterns for you. Love the Thomas train too.. very cute.

Cas and Jared said...

Oh dear, I saw a programme on ACA and a little girl painted her sister with craft paint - Green! and it didn't come off for weeks! red's not as bad! She still looks really cute!

Clare said...

Oh and Toni I also have something else for you to make (you can borrow it) I bought a wrap skirt while I was away and they were selling them for like $45 in Wakiki ($20 at the market) but it has all these different ways of wearing it so if you want you can borrow it to make a pattern from and I can give you the site they gave me that shows you some of the ways to wear it. Let me know if you would like to borrow it anyway. :)

Marnie said...

Wow- I didnt realise crepe paper was so lethal! She does look cute though...

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