Sunday, 2 March 2008

.night time ball.

The weather is fast becoming chilly in Tassie. I am very reluctant to let go of our sunshine, but it seems that I don't have much of a say in what the weather is deciding to do lately. We have compensated by having the heater on most mornings, pulling out our warmer clothes and adding extra blankets to the beds. The evenings have been surprisingly mild though, so we have been trying to make the most of a bit of outdoors time while it is still light and not absolutely freezing cold. Doing fun things like playing a bit of basket ball...
yes, that is an exercise ball...looks like fun, but was actually getting quite dangerous! Those things have a huge bounce and lots of force behind them with they get moving!
Last week I was a bad blogger. I had a very busy week, went to playgroup THREE times! The cool playgroup I found near our house is on twice a week and then we had one with the Mums from church aswell. The rest of the week was pretty much spent sewing and writing patterns for a few different things I have designed for a local quilt store. More about that in a couple of days when I have finished them all, it has been fun, but very time consuming (hence, me taking the kids to playgroup three times to make up for my guilt of sitting at the computer for hours on end! And to tire them out so that when we get home from playgroup they will sleep for a long time and I can sit uninterrupted at the computer for hours on end!!!)


Just another Triffitt Family said...

Cant wait to see your patterns Toni:) Sexy legs Tommy T, got to love those Triffitt legs;)

Marnie said...

Wow- designing for a quilt store...sounds VERY exciting- I cant wait to hear more!!!

Sarah said...

That is so exciting about the designing work you're doing. Can't wait to see what you're up to. So glad you have a nice playgroup close back to give the kids an outlet while you're busy with your new projects, aren't playgroups wonderful!

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