Saturday, 15 March 2008

.to the beach.

Isn't it crazy how something unfamiliar is such a novelty to begin with and as time goes on you take it for granted? We seriously haven't been to the beach in about 4 weeks...and its only a 5 minute walk away!

Terrible, terrible, terrible!

We have been hit with a heat wave the last few days, so really need to make the most of some playing time at the beach while the weather is warm. Tonight we went for a family walk/ride to breathe in the ocean air and get that rejuvenation that you can only get from the beach.I got some new shoes today. I love cool shoes, but have a really hard time finding any that I really like, hence my excuse for wearing the same shoes over and over again! The best thing about these ones...they only cost $15!!


Marnie said...

The photos are great- you must be loving the new camera- and i love what you do with your photos. Cool new shoes too! Gotta love a bargain!

Carli said...

I quite like your shoes. I don't love them but I kind of like them. I like what you did to frame the first photo better.

The Kings said...

I was thinking yesterday we should have gone to the beach! The weather has been so nice lately and I know it is going to be freezing soon. You are lucky you live so close and can just pop down.

Cas and Jared said...

I like your shoes! They are really cute! I like those sort of little slip on round toed shoes!
Your kids look cute, I like your photo's! Lucky you living near the beach!
Add me to your blog list!!!!!
Cas xo

whitneyraye said...

hey you edited those photos really well. i like how theres a black blur on the edges.
i also love your shoes!! they are sweeet :D

Sarah said...

Those shoes are too cute Tones. I love them. And don't you dare tell me you are that close to beach on not making use of it when we have to slog it out an hour in the car here! Go every day Toni, for me, please!

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