Friday, 7 March 2008

.yummy mummys yummy cookies.

Yesterday morning was lots of fun catching up with my Deloraine Mummys. I really miss them since moving from Del-City so jumped at the chance to go to their Yummy Mummys group (Well, I kinda gate-crashed/invited myself!). Along with having a friendly chat and the kids getting together for a play, we also had a Cookie Swap party. Every one had to make their favourite cookie and bring along a plate to share for morning tea aswell as a bag of 5 cookies for everyone to take home wih them and a copy of their cookie recipe. So we all made a couple of batches of cookies at home and ended up with the same amount of cookies, only in lots of different varieties! Cool huh? Great way to stock up the freezer for lunches and snacks and not have to cook lots of different batches yourself. And taking the recipes home means that we can reproduce as many of our new favourite cookies we like!
Mel was brave enough to have everyone over to her house. When I say brave I don't just mean brave to have lots of toddler and loud women around, I mean brave because she has a 3 week old baby (her fourth child) AND just moved house last Friday! She is a wonder woman though, just takes everything in her stride and gets on with it. Thanks Mel! Hope you managed to have a well deserved rest in the afternoon. :) I was lucky to have a cuddle with Mel's little Tyren...sooooooo adorable. It was the first time I have seen him and he is the cutest little man ever.
Thanks Del Yummy know I will always be a Yummy Mummy at heart so expect more gatecrashing to your morning teas in the future!!
Jaron left for Coffs Harbour for a few days yesterday. He has some seminar for work that he is going to. Wish it were me and not him going...what I would give for a weekend of sun and lazing by a pool (not that he will be doing much of that) and no kids. I do love my kids, but every stay at home Mum has dreams of full days and nights with no nappies to change and mouths to feed and minds to entertain! Anyway, we will miss him, but its nice for me to know that Mum and Dad are right across the road and I'm not really on my own. Jaron is having the worst run with flights lately. First his little fiasco when he and Cade almost missed Filipa's wedding due to bad weather and flights being delayed, and now...he was meant to land in Coffs Harbour yesterday afternoon but one of his flights was delayed so it meant that he missed his connecting flight to Coffs and had to stay at a hotel in Sydney overnight as there were no free seats last night and has finally gotten on a plane this morning! Which he almost missed aswell the shuttle that was meant to be picking him up from his hotel to get to the airport didn't turn up and he had to speed to the airport in a taxi and only just made check-in for the flight!!! I'm sure he will be happy to get home on Sunday, and will be even happier that Monday is a public holiday!


Simone Triffitt said...

I know! I didn't realise how much I missed you until I saw you and Oscar and Lil yesterday. Yes please you can be our honourary guest each month.

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