Wednesday, 5 March 2008

.make it perfect patterns.

I am almost done!! The first three "make it perfect" patterns are just about finished. A little bit of minor tweaking and they will be ready to sell!

I didn't realise that pattern writing/making would be such a time consuming process, my brain is sore now, but seeing the finished (well, almost) product is well worth it.

What started out with a whole lot of this: (plus way too much time at the computer, lots of trial and error at the sewing machine, and heaps of paper scrunching, fabric cutting, drawing, sketching, and thinking)....

Resulted in THESE: My first three little patterns. My aim is to design and write funky, modern patterns to be sold in the quilting industry. I am in awe of the gorgeous fabrics being designed of late, I am overwhelmed at the talent of designers such as Amy Butler, Heather Bailey, Anna Maria Horner, Sandi Henderson, just to name a few and want to create a range of patterns which are fresh and fun to complement these fabrics.
(you'll have to excuse my terrible photos...I'll get some good ones soon!)
Pattern #1: The Versatile Wrap
I truly do love this wrap skirt. It is so easy to make and depending on the fabric you use for it, can be a casual skirt or something a little more dressy. I love it because it really shows off whatever cute fabric you decide to make it out of and it is quick and easy to put together. It works well as a maternity skirt also.
Pattern #2: Pinny
This little pinny is just adorable! (I want one in my size!) Just right for that sweet little girl in your life, this pattern has instructions for sizes 6 months - 5 years. Much, much cuter that anything you will buy in the shops, and no body else will have one the same! Teamed with a long sleeved top and some jeans or leggings it can be worn when the weather is cold, a t-shirt underneath when its a little warmer or on its own for summer fun!
Pattern #3: Eye Spy Bags
(still working on a photo for the cover...)
These cool bags are filled with lots and lots of little items for kids (and adults!) to "spy" through a plastic viewing window. Perfect for church, car rides, doctors surgery, anywhere a quiet activity is needed. A brilliant educational toy, which helps to encourage tactile development, fine motor skills and concentration skills.
So, there you have it! I'm excited to be getting them out to some shops and will let you know when and where they end up. Of course, you can always email me (link at the side of my blog) for a price list and I can get them out to you. Of if you are not a sewer but want something made up, email me and I can custom make for you!


Marnie said...

CONGRATULATIONS TONE!!! I absolutely LOVE your patters ( you look HOT in that skirt!) May this be the start of a wonderful, exciting and fun adventure for you!!! xx

The Kings said...

Tone - you are so clever! Hope it goes really, really well for you. Keep us posted!

Carli said...

Excellent work seeing all your ideas becoming reality! I like the business name too.

Amber said...

Those patterns are too cute...I love the little girl dress. I will definitely be buying one of those when you finish the patterns!

Sarah said...

I am so so excited for you! These patterns are so cool and I love the graphic design of the cards. Can't wait to see where this exciting new path takes you.

The Parsons Family said...

wooo hooo, Toni, that's so awesome! And I forgot with my preggas brain all about measuring the girls.... sorry!!! May you make lots of money and get famous!!!!!

whitneyraye said...

toni, this is so awsum!!!
they all look soo good!
i want to buy the eye spy bag just for me. haha

The Docking Family said...

GREAT work! I love the pinnys. Can see Livy in one of those for sure!!

Cas and Jared said...

You are way too clever! That is really cool that you can stay at home with the kids but still do fun stuff that you enjoy and make money out of it! Congrats! I might have to buy some off you!
Cas xo

Mari said...

I'm looking forward to the launch of these patterns..... I will be buying the pinny pattern for sure!!!

Lauryn Van Rooy said...

you're so talented Toni! Too cute!

Anonymous said...

You are TOO good! Filly and Chris x

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