Sunday, 13 April 2008

.almost impossible.

I should be in bed. I have a habit of doing this - telling myself to get to bed early and then finding myself sitting down at the computer, having a quick blog read and ending up doing a post myself!

We had a full-on week last week. It seems like we have weeks full of busyness followed by weeks of nothingness. This week is going to be a week of nothingness. Some home time, getting into some housework and chilling out with the kids. A bit of sewing and crafting, some cooking - all that fun stuff!

I came down with the flu yesterday. Blah. Mums aren't allowed to get sick, right? Hopefully the kids won't catch it or our week of nothingness is likely to turn into a week of no sleep and grumpy small-frys (fingers crossed they are strong and don't get it!!)

I am in the finishing stages of my next pattern. Should have it ready to go in a couple of days. Just a little sewing to finish off, some tweaking of the pattern and a photo shoot and it will be done! I'm excited about this one!

Once upon a time I would have been horrified at the thought of little children crawling all over a quilt I was trying to baste on the floor...not anymore! It was a bit of a juggle, but I managed to get it basted and ready for quilting with Oscar helping me with the pins (he thought he was putting them in anyway but didn't know that they were meant to open up!) and Lil trying to eat them as I was putting them in! The joys - no one got stabbed, promise! And it actually came out nice and flat in the end!

Anyways, its late and I'm rambling and probably not making sense! I'm off to bed...can't wait to stop breastfeeding so that I can take some drugs when I get sick! Lil has just cut back to 3 feeds a day though which is nice, one when she wakes up, one around lunch time and one before she goes to sleep. I remember thinking when she was a newborn that I was going to be stuck feeding her forever and would never be able to leave her, but the time is going sooo fast this time, I can't believe that she will be weaned soon! Little precious. :)


Chelsea Parsons said...

ohhh Tone, that sucks you are sick...hope you get back on top soon. Glad you didnt use pin pins but rather safety pins!

Carli said...

oh wiiiiilllllsy

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