Saturday, 19 April 2008

.babies galore.

oooh, what a lovely day yesterday was!

Two of my special friends gave birth to three sweet little baby girls.

Congratulations Naomi and Chelsea - hope you are getting some well deserved rest!


Edit: While we're on the subject of new arrivals, my friend Linda had a baby girl early this morning (Sunday) - welcome little Isla!

...'tis the season for baby girls!!!


The Kings said...

Twins!! Wow!! Poor woman. One is hard enough to deliver and look after:) Can you tell I'm really looking forward to it all again!? lol

Carli said...

And they all have ROCKIN cool names - Stella, Roxy and Rowan Olive!! I love these groovy girl names.

Poulsen Family said...

good to "meet" you, I didn't realize you were LDS too, how cool is that! Any way, my husband's father served his mission in Australia YEARS back, but no couple missionaries that I'm aware of.Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Osbaldiston Family said...

What a small world it is... I was just hanging out with Hannah Tempany at Nick's soccer game yesterday and she mentioned how her sister in law had just had twins and she can't wait to see them!!

Anonymous said...

Aren't they all gorgeous bubbas! What fantastic strong Mummas loving their babies and giving them life. Can't wait to see our baby in 8-ish weeks :-)

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