Saturday, 5 April 2008

.a bit of catching up.

Bad blogger this week! I've had quite a productive week though, lots of home time...making stuff, hanging out with the kids. Jaron has slipped a disc in his lower back so was home from work on Thursday and Friday. Spent the two days lying on his back, its still not good today. What a pain! He has been going to the physio for it though so hopefully it will mend soon.

Lil is pushing up on all fours now and getting the rock happening before the crawl! I have never met a child more obsessed with food (well maybe this one!) when she sees food she starts growling and grunting and drags herself over to it. If we don't share she bawls her little eyes out until she gets something to eat!
I gave Oscar an orange to eat a couple of days ago and he goes "its a very thirsty orange Mum"...haha, priceless!
Some making this week...
Two Melly and Me Little Kitties for Picture Patchwork.
And an Etsy custom order for a couple of wrap skirts. Soooo hard to post away...I wanted to keep them! Made from Amy Butler's new Midwest Modern range. They are somewhere between here and Georgia, USA now...wishing them safe travels!


Anonymous said...

Haha! I knew it had to be my girl. Lil and her are going to have great fun in future with food i can see it now; Parents at paties will be like "Let's eat before Lil and Azhie eat it all"!!

The Kings said...

Sorry to hear about Jaron. Did you get my email asking about the nappies? Just wondering how they are going now before I invest in a few.

The Parsons Family said...

ouch for Jaron! Hope he gets better soon. The skirts... yes I would have a hard time posting them too! How much is that fabric a meter? I wanna know how the nappies are going too???!!!

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