Tuesday, 29 April 2008

.higgelty piggelty.

(hehe...higgelty piggelty...I don't think I've ever written those words before...they are making me laugh!)

Hmmm, blogging. I just made Recipe Monday last night. I have heaps to blog about but haven't been able to find a quiet moment to sit down and do it for a few days and I don't like things to be out of chronological order here (a bit obsessive, I know!) so this is a higgelty piggelty post. (Yeah, I just had to write those words again!)

It was sooo nice to have a long weekend! Lovely to have Jaron home and relax a bit and get some stuff done around the house and a have a few family outings. We started out on Friday morning attending the Anzac Day march in Deloraine. For some reason we always get the time wrong and miss the first part of the march, but were there for most of the ceremony and the walk back up the street! So, this photo is courtesy of a bit of blog-photo stealing from Lisa! (and I didn't ask her first so she might just sue me!)

Pop is such a trooper, surely this is his last year marching...but knowing him he will be around until he is 100. What an amazing legacy he has left.
We visited Nan and Pop for a bit after the march and Nan had a cuddle with Lil. I love it how Nan still loves little babies after having 7 of her own, then 30-something grand-children, and now 20 or 30 great-grandchildren. She never tires of them and kind of grasps them tightly around the middle while she keeps on keeping on with her tasks! Jayne kindly invited us to invade their family birthday party in the afternoon so we took up the invitation and had a nice afternoon catching up with friends we miss a lot and don't get to see as often as we would like since moving.
I had to get a photo of Lil in her autumn pinny. It fits perfectly, I made it a little longer than usual so it will be a bit warmer. She is so snuggly! Yesterday Mum put her finger in Lil's mouth and would you believe that last weeks grizzling has finally paid off with a sharp little tooth sticking out of her gums! Finally Willsy... :)
Yesterday Jaron had his 29th birthday. He is not very happy about turning 29...too close to 30, he is starting to feel old! We celebrated with birthday dinner (lamb roast) on Sunday night as yesterday was work and then he had basketball straight after. He wanted a profiterole cake. I cheated because Coles sells very tasty already made unfilled profiteroles :) BUT I did make the custard to fill them with and the ganache on the outside myself. They were yummo, and looked quite spectacular, if I do say so myself!
And Oscy-boy enjoyed the profiteroles very much too...
We made some bedroom changes over the weekend and have put Lil and Oscar in the same room. Something I have wanted to do for a few months, but have been a bit apprehensive about them waking each other up. So far, so good...I really like the idea of them sharing a room. It will be cost effective too as we will only have to have one heater going during the night in winter. We put Lil to bed first and then Oscar goes to sleep in our bed and we move him when he is asleep. They are cute when they wake up in the morning, Oscar sits at Lil's cot and chats away to her until Jaron or I go in to get them out!


Aimee said...

what a busy but fun weekend! happy birthday to Jaron and well done to Lil for cutting a tooth!! :)

Marnie said...

So glad you are back to blogging- I was missing you!~ Happy Birthday to Jaron! Lil looks gorgeous in her pinny and Oscar looks cute with chocolate all over his face- those profiteroles look SOOOO yummy, I reckon id smear it all over my face too- well, ok, maybe not, but they do look delicious! And well done Pop for seeing another year in the ANZAC parade- he sure has left an amazing legacy!xx

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Jaron! That cake looks so yum. And good luck with the room sharing, it definately makes life easier in a lot of ways having them in the one room (although Hyrum always jumping into Ashton's cot in the morning to wake him up to play, not so fun).

Urban Flower said...

that cake looks YUMMY. Maybe I can convince Fil to have a profiterole cake instead...

Urban Flower said...

i just posted as winston! Rest assured it is me.

The Kings said...

hmmm - could do with some extra money! I may sue ;)
The cake looks so yummy and I cant believe that Jaron is sooooo old !! LOL

Emily dee said...

Happy birthday jdog! :)
The kids are looking all grown up toni! i miss you all lots. when are u coming to visit me in SA? Pretty sure u guys are due to visit your grandparents and have a temple trip ;)
Love ya's Xoxxo

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