Tuesday, 13 May 2008

.Autumn leaves.

(*warning* this post is heavy on photos!)

It has been ages since we took photos just for fun so on Saturday we headed off to a few favourite spots to snap away...

Oscar would have to be one of the most grateful, complimentary little boys I know.
He is forever saying "please" and "thankyou soooo much Mummy".
He loves to give compliments..."those are nice socks Mum, did you get them at the shops?"
When he is happy he lets everyone know it, about 100 times a day he comes up to me and says "I'm so happy Mum".
Did you know that Lil can:
** clap hands
** crawl
** blink back at you when you blink at her
** wave
** sleep all night
** eat just about anything
** pull herself up on furniture to stand
This photo was taken in exactly the same location at the same time of the year when Oscar was 7 months old.


Hannah Challis said...

Looks like a fun photo shoot! The pictures are gorgeous!

The Kings said...

Love the pics! Oscar is such a cutie. He reminds me a lot of my boys with the things he says.

Emily dee said...

You guys get the best family pics tonz...you are all so picture perfect :)
YOu look like me in one of those pics! lol lucky you :)
I cant belive lil pulls herself up onto furniture already! i miss her. Is Oscar still praying for emmy & maybe cousin cob? :) xx

Carli said...

said it before, say it again CUTE CARDIGAN (and people too... even you Jaron)

L!$@ said...

Toni, you take such cool pics...I wish I could get some as good.

Alwasy love reading your new and interesting blogs :P

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