Saturday, 17 May 2008

.B & K.

Last week we were very excited to have lots of fun visits from Bretty and his newlywed wife Kayla. They came down to have a little bit of rest and relaxation from their busy Gold Coast lives and I'm sure that they went home feeling very refreshed.

The boys doing what boys do best with firecrackers (Oscar is a bit scared of wild adventures like this!)

And the girls having snuggles on the couch. did very well...we like Kayla. :)
As you can see I haven't done anything with the re-growth still torn between what to do and thinking that it might be fun to grow it all out but not sure if I can deal with it for that long! A home job going a bit darker is also on the cards, but I'm scared it will go very wrong. I'll keep you posted!


Carli said...

Kayla looks so cute!

Tempany Family said...


I am facing the same dilemma with my hair. I'll grow it out if you do :-)

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