Saturday, 17 May 2008

.I Love the LOVE.

I love the way that Oscar gives Lil random cuddles throughout the day.

I love the way he gets sad when I put Lil to bed for a nap and when she wakes up he runs around saying "I missed you Wilsy".

I love the way he directs her attention to another toy when she wants to play with (aka. break ) his puzzles or train tracks.

I love the way he teaches her new tricks...clap hands, slap the couch, peek-a-boo.

I love the way she giggles so much that her eyes water when Oscar gets in one of his crazy moods and does funny little things to make her laugh.


Marnie said...

I love Lils spike!

Trainer Find said...

Awwwwwwwww...soooo cwute!! Can't wait to cuddle!!

Fil and Chris x

Carli said...

I just heard Oscar give Lil a bit of a telling-off in the background of the phone!

Anonymous said...

Love the love too! Thanks for sharing such tender moments. Can't wait to see how my girls go with our new bubba!

L!$@ said...

I love the fact Oscar named his teddy after me!!!

I love how he says wilsy and calls me Risa!! :)

Your kids are so gorgeous...

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