Friday, 4 July 2008

.her tricks.

This little girl is up to some new tricks!!
Still gaining her confidence and very shaky, but she has a go at taking steps on her own all the time and gets so excited when she manages to take some, stopping to give herself a big clap and giggle! She turned 11 months old yesterday.
And I know I've already made a big deal about my obsession for Bircher Muesli for breakfast...but really, how could I eat this without taking a photo about it for the blog first! I really, really love it. Especially with fresh berries on top. Mmmm, so good. And the best part is that it fills me up until lunch time so I'm not craving naughty snacks at 10am! You really have to try it if you haven't already, one batch makes enough for four meals. It keeps fine in the fridge for the four days it takes me to eat it too. And so cheap and much better for you than other cereals. I had mine with Jalna yoghurt today, my favourite yoghurt. I'm not into the more commercial brands of yoghurt, they taste like lots of artificial sweetner and fake flavours to me. I love the more natural yoghurt flavours like Jalna or Tamar Valley.


The Kings said...

What a clever girl! Can't believe that Lil is almost 1!! That has gone so fast. I hope the times goes as fast for me with Kobe :)

Sayers Family said...

we've got jalna yoghurt in our fridge too! The natural stuff is always the best and eli likes it so he's always had that type. He doesn't know there's sweeter stuff, so until he learns I'll stick with the healthy version.
And Go Lil...she'll be speeding around before you know it!

Anna Cullis said...

Go Lil!!

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