Saturday, 5 July 2008

.Puzzle Sandwich.

Oscar has a kind Nana who lives in America. She sends us special packages every month full of lots of special treats and surprises. We know she spends a lot of time thinking about the perfect little gifts for each of her grandchildren every month and always tries to send them things that she knows they will love.

She know about Oscar's love for puzzles and he was so excited this month when the package contained a picture she had photocopied from a magazine showing how to make a puzzle sandwich.

Luckily the package came in the morning and Oscar got to enjoy a yummy jam-puzzle-sandwich for lunch! Look at how happy he was! He ate two puzzle sandwiches that day and since then has requested at least one every day and loves to choose a different shape for the inside each time.

Thanks Nana for the great idea!!! (He even ate the crusts!)


Hannah Challis said...

What a great Nana! Lani loves using the cookie cutters on her sandwiches... she still usually avoids the crusts though!!!

Marnie said...

what a great idea! Oscar looks so excited :-)

L!$@ said...

oh Oscar is so cute and I love that his nan personalises their cute!!! Love it!!

The Kings said...

Cool idea!!

Bobbie said...

found your blog thru the crafty crow... i am lds and australian too... cool to see others from the same parts of the world

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