Friday, 11 July 2008

.play week.

We were lucky this week to have a fun visit from Sarah, Taj and Owen while Joe was working in Devonport.

Relaxed days spent chilling out with each other, lots of chatting, trains, cars, playdough, cuddles, the park and lots of laughter and silliness from the big boys.

Oscar and Taj played really well together and even came up with some secret code phrase that they would say and then laugh hysterically at each other! There were a lot of tears from Osc when it came time for them to go home again. Later on that night he looked at me and goes "Taj is Oscars best friend" cute!

Lilsy also loved all the attention and has been renamed "Miss Grumps" today as she has been following me around sooking all day long trying to get some love!
I can't get enough of Owen's chubby thighs and growling face...he is so cheeky!


Carli said...

Owen looks like a character!

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