Sunday, 19 October 2008

.Make It Perfect Pattern - Lazy Day Hat.

Sharing another new pattern tonight...this is one of my favourites ever. I love it because it is not gender-exclusive and includes sizes to fit the whole family. It looks tricky but is really easy...great to sew up for a quick gift (most of my Christmas presents this year will be Lazy Day Hats) and it is reversible! Definitely a pattern worth having in your collection.

Lazy Day Hat
Set yourself up for some Summer fun with this totally unique Summer sun hat! Whether you are frolicking along the beach, playing at the park, pottering in the garden or enjoying a sunny walk, Lazy Day Hat will be perfect for keeping the harmful rays of the sun off your face and neck. Lazy Day Hat is totally reversible, giving you two stylish hats in one, a perfect fit for the whole family. While you’re at it, whip up a quick and easy flower embellishment that can be used to adorn your hat, a bag, hair clip, the top of a present or anything else you desire! Once again, not available to purchase until November at Quilt Market.

I have lots to blog about but have left my camera at Mum's house so no photos to share until tomorrow. We leave on Tuesday so tomorrow will be devoted to cleaning the house, sorting stuff and packing. I'm not much of a last minute packer (or last minute anything really). Packing for me usually involves the initial pack and then realising that I don't actually need to take the kitchen sink so a bit of unpacking, debating on whether we are really going to use it and then the final put everything in the suitcase and zip it up so the kids can't pull everything out! Then writing a long list of things to do on Tuesday morning before we leave and last minute things to pack! Oh fun, we are really really looking forward to taking a break though and can't wait to be able to chill out for a bit and spend some family fun time together!!


The Kings said...

Those hats are cute Tone!! Where is your post about the footy!!!? I have been hanging out for it.

Anonymous said...

L.O.V.E. the new hats! They look great. If they're that easy maybe even I could tackle it!!??
Melissa -x-

The Parsons Family said...

ohhh yay... All the best while away Tone. Hope it goes swell.

Suzi P said...

sorry to be a lurker... love the new hats. Did you use ink for your table cloth or acrylic with a sealer?

Nikki Docking said...

Love the hats...great coverage for kids!

Carli said...

But what if I'm not having a lazy day but a busy day in the garden! Can I still wear one??

Lisa said...

I love your hats and can't wait until they are available. I have been wanting to get your wrap skirt pattern for a while, but will wait until the hat pattern is also available and order both together.

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