Friday, 7 November 2008

.ah yes...the blog.

Things seem to have gotten a little out of control with the blog of late. Its all a matter of time, my friends, with lots to do and market creeping up on me (1 week away to be exact!) I have had to take a break from anything blog-related. We did have a nice stay in Sydney, exactly what we needed to refresh and relax ourselves. Then when we came home our internet was down for almost a week anyway so no way I could have done anything internet related anyway! The break from it all technology was lovely.

Market is on schedule - I am TIRED of thinking about it and all of the preparation and can't wait for it to be OVER now! Such relief today when I sent boxes and parcels with the courier to deliver to Melbourne - now fingers are crossed that they actually turn up or it is going to be one sorry looking booth indeed!! It was cold when we came home from delivering so we put on our trackies and had a cosy afternoon in. I finished the Twilight series - good, easy read. Now all I have to do is put a few more catalogues together (a few more means 100+!) and sew up a few more samples and we are ready to go!

So, I will attempt to get the blog posts under control and up to date...I have an issue with chronological order so sorry for the back-dating when I get around to it!!


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