Sunday, 23 November 2008

.we just couldn't wait any longer.

3 years ago Oscar didn't know what Christmas was.
2 years ago he opened his presents on Christmas day and said "wow" over and over again.
1 year ago he was excited when Christmas day came.
This year he has been asking us every single day for the last week if we can put up our Christmas tree with heaps and heaps of decorations and lights and presents underneath.

We couldn't wait any longer...the tree is up and the carols are playing...we like it!


Lisa said...

We put our tree up today too! I just love the lead-up to Christmas and love the whole tree decorating experience.

Carli said...

Oscar how will you keep Lilsy from running away with all your decorations??? Soon I'll send some presents for under that tree :)

Sayers Family said...

cute photos! i love putting up the tree.

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