Friday, 5 December 2008

.our little artist.

This is going to be a total bragging Mother post.

Oscar has always been into drawing. Many times a day he will fetch himself a pen from the bench and a wad of paper from the desk and settles himself down on the floor or at the table to draw. (Jaron brings scrap paper home from work because we go through so much with Oscar's drawing sessions!)

Every time Oscar draws something I am completely amazed. He is so talented and puts so much thought and detail into everything he draws. Let me share...

1. This is Harvey. Trains are still the subject of most of Oscar's drawings. He draws specific trains now though, putting the correct numbers on their bodies and drawing their different facial expressions. Harvey is a train with a crane - see the cool crane he drew?
Have you ever seen the Disney movie, Chicken Little? It was on TV one Saturday night a few weeks ago and Oscar stayed up to watch it. We never spoke about it after watching it, and he hadn't seen any pictures of the characters anywhere to remind him of it.
Two weeks later, look at what he started drawing:

2. The Chicken:
3. The pig:
4. The goldfish.
When Jaron comes home from work I often have a stack of cool drawings to show him and we oooh and aaah over them! I am finding it hard to throw the really good ones away - any ideas on what to do with a pile of your kids drawings?


Anonymous said...

I laminate the good ones and put them in my filling under each of their names. Then i have a weeks use by date on the rest before they get turfed!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow - fantastic drawings! I keep a plastic pocket folder (like a resume folder) each year and at the end of the year "cull" any I can so you are left with a sample folder of the years work, and not a drawer with 1500 drawings and paintings!!!

Lisa said...

I would keep them and get them spiral bound when you have a ig enough stack. Maybe once or twice a year?

The Kings said...

He is so clever Tone!! Such cute pics. I usually collect them up all year and then at the end I pic the best and paste them into a big scrapbook.

The Kings said...

Tone - was just thinking of something else I would do with Noah's paintings that he would come home with. I would just take a pic of them and then print out the photos and put them in a little album. I haven't done that for years, but should do it more instead of just chucking things out. I also chuck out heaps of Jay's stuff from school, but should take pics of them more.

Anonymous said...

That is adoreabubble!

Hinckley drew a tow truck from memory once and there was heaps of detail I was stunned! Lamination is a great idea :-)

PS bragging mommy posts are the best!

Watson said...

He's so clever and talented! He must get his abilities from his Mum. In a few years time he may be able to help you draw your patterns and become your little apprentice.

Sim-Dim said...

I take photos of them and really awesome 'mummy bragging ones' I put in huge display folders, those nice big ones so they are protected by the plastic pocket. Ok so I only have 1 big display folder at the moment but the good intention is there for the rest of them.

The Parsons Family said...

I scan them and have a folder on my computer with all their stuff. But keep the all time faves... and that would be my OTHER computer. Im now on my Mac-a -pacca!!!!!! woooo hooo! I can just picture you guys ohhing and ahhing over Oscars drawings. I LOVE that stage. They are so clever.

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