Thursday, 4 December 2008

.Pretty Hats All In A Row.

WARNING TO CARLI: If you want your finished Christmas present to be a surprise then don't scroll down and read this post!!

This week has found us homebound and busy. Our cars have both had a service so the kids and I have been car-less while Jaron has taken the other car to work. It has been rainy and cold and windy and I have been folding patterns and sewing!!

These 6 hats were finished last night. Four of them for Carli and the Clan for Christmas presents and two sample for one of my stockists in Victoria, The Patchwork Teahouse.

I love the fabrics and the bright, summery colours. I also love that I have finished them now and can tick them off my list of things to do!
The last few months I feel like I have only been getting "necessary things" done. Not much "just for fun" stuff and I am really looking forawrd to the end of this week - my deadline for getting the "necessary things" ticked off, then I'm going to give myself a break and start to do some of the things I have wanted to do for ages, like:

** get back into scrapbooking - I want to have Oscar and Lil's scrapbooks up to date before the baby is born...I haven't even started Lil's yet!!

** make an advent calander. Too late for this year, but I left it until the last minute last year also so I figure if I get started on it now while I'm in the festive mood it can be ready for 2009!

** make Lil's quilt - remember this fabric I bought awhile back?

** do some "just for fun" sewing...plenty of projects to choose from there!

** wash inside and outside house windows.

** start baking christmas treats.

** make chocolates with Oscar in chocolate moulds.

** Finish Christmas shopping/gift making.

** sew new cushion covers and quilt for the couch.

** visit friends - espeically ones with new babies I still have to cuddle and give gifts to.

FUN FUN! I'm off to finish the "necessary stuff" now!


This Girl loves to Talk said...

I love those hats!! I dont think I would ever be good enough to sew a hat!!

Cass said...

I just ordered your hat pattern the other day so I can't wait for it to arrive

The Kings said...

The hats look so nice Tone. My pattern arrived yesterday - it looks so good - very professional! I'm very impressed. If only I could work out what the heck you are talking about!!! LOL

Carli said...

I had a blink and scroll and caught something lovely and colourful but STOPPED myself from trying to figure out whose is whose so it will still be a suprise!! COOL! Can't wait to see some more scrapbooking and other unsewing related paraphanalia come into your life again (before a baby does!).

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