Thursday, 8 January 2009

.Family Ties.

We thank this man for starting it all...
Last Monday found us packing our cars and heading up to Bridport for a week-long family reunion. Despite Dad's fall, which shook us all up as we were getting ready to leave, we had a fun week of bonding, playing games, lots of laughter and sharing memories.

The weather was pretty ordinary, but didn't stop us from playing at the beach and didn't stop the boys and younger cousins from playing loud games in the dark outside each night!
The highlight for the kids was having a bath side-by-side in the big kitchen sinks every night. They loved being amongst the hub of activity as the dishes were being washed and dried and dessert was being served.
Lil and Michaela having wars over who loves Uncle Chris the best! Lil is teaching Michaela some fiestiness - Michaela is quickly cottoning on!
We did lots of silly things too...dancing on New Years Eve and a big family un-birthday party complete with party hats and crazy party games. The thing I love the best about my Mum's side of the family is that we have fun doing absolutely nothing. There is always something to laugh about or some wild challenge going on. Can't wait for the next one in another 3 or 4 years!


marnie said...

What a blessing to have such great big loving families on both your mum and dads side- what a beautiful place to be, and for your kids to grow up with!

Anonymous said...

Just read your sister's post about your dad... thinking of you all and hoping he keeps up the amazing recovery. By the look of it if a positive outlook and supportive family counts for anything he'll be fine. Love the picture of them all in the boat! Catch ya soon :-)
Linda xxx

The Kings said...

Oh looks like heaps of fun!! Pity the weather wasn't a bit better.

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