Thursday, 8 January 2009

.lucky i love him.

because he looks like a lepar.
this happened on christmas night, fishing at dusk with the boys.

swarms of sandflies and wearing shorts.

2 weeks later and they don't seem to be budging.

we are both sick of leg scratching in the middle of the night keeping us awake!


Tracy said...

Ouch! Have you tried Ti tree oil? sometimes helps

Tayla Joyce said...

Yeah we saw that.
They look bad!

The Kings said...

Oh poor Jaron!!

melandpeter said...

Oh my goodness. I see what you mean about the leprosy! Ouch. Maybe some good ol' calamine lotion will do the trick?

Jackie said...

oww...that doesn't look good..tell jaron he has to be black and that wouldn't of happened..hehehe
hope your doing ok with the pregnancy toni..hope you had a great christmas and a happy new year..

The Parsons Family said...

flipping heck!

Angela said...

wow thats really BAD! all. I can think is ouch!

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