Wednesday, 14 January 2009

.on poppy tom's boat.

Of all the things Dad was upset about missing out on after he had his stroke, it was taking Oscar and Mason for a fish on his boat.

He had spent hours during the previous week with them sitting in the boat in the driveway teaching them the mysteries of the underwarter world.

They learned how to cast, reel in their catch, take the fish off the hook, put it in the bucket and over and over again. They were even catching gigantic sharks.

When they weren't in the boat, they were snuggled up on the couch or sitting at the kitchen table reading a book all about sharks and fishes, "Poppy Tom, what's that shark called? Does it have humongous teeth?"

On Saturday the boys were very excited when Poppy told them he was going to take them out on the boat today! Life jackets were donned, sunscreen applied, rods taken out and strict instructions to Jaron and Filipa to save the kids before Dad! The recovering stroke victim (who is having a miraculous healing) was adamant that the doctor said he couldn't drive a CAR for 3 months - not a BOAT! What ever, Dad - you go out and have your fun!
No fish were caught, but I'm sure the boys will remember their fishing adventures with Poppy Tom for many years to come.


The Kings said...

So fun for the kids! So great Uncle Tom could take them out in the end.

Carli said...

They will remember it (especially because we have awesome photos to tell the story :)

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