Thursday, 15 January 2009

.Family Home Evening at the Scott's.

Family Home Evening at the Scott's starts with a beautiful drive into the country.

The fun begins with patting baby lambs...
...looking at 2-day old turkey chicks and a flock of ducklings in a cage...
...and discovering goldfish in a pool-converted pond.
Raspberry picking occupies most of our time - scratched arms and competitive bucket fillers!
Riding on the 4-wheeler is the highlight for the kids - young and old!
While the Mums wander through the enchanted secret garden, discovering hidden beauties all around.
These two munchkins learn the art of sharing...
...and we finish up with raspberry-stained faces and clothes, full bellies and refreshed minds from soaking up the country air.


Sim-Dim said...

Oscar is the perfect blend of u and Jaron. Lil is so cute and dimply. Raspberries - my kids could live on them.

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