Monday, 19 January 2009

.welcome home et.

He made it. And it was so cool to see him come off the aeroplane radiating happiness (and a little nervousness!)...a little taller and skinnier, but the same old Ty we have always loved. We have had a fun few days catching up and enjoying family time together before Carli and Filipa head back home this week with their families.

Cade thought it would be funny to fly to Melbourne for the day and surprise Ty at the airport by flying home with him!
The kids were SO excited to see Ty. I was really surprised by their enthusiasm - unless it was the excitement of having a party when we got home! They were a little muddled up with their signage - "Rocks Ty Uncle"


Jackie said...

oh toni
that is sooo awesome about your brother coming home from his mission..he will always remember those years for the rest of his life..
and I think that was so great of ty going over to melbourne to meet his brother..i bet he's a great example for ty to go on his mission..
i just can't believe how the time has flown..i remember him leaving for his mission when we first came down he's back..

Aimee said...

What a great smile Ty has! Glad you can all be together again.

The Kings said...

Awesome!!!! Love the kids sign even if it was backwards!!

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