Sunday, 1 February 2009

.getting bigger.

Every morning when Oscar wakes up we have this discussion:

Mum: Oscar! Look at you...when did you grow so big?

Oscar: When I was sleeping and when I woke up I was big, big, bigger. (stands up on tippy-toes and stretches his arms up to the sky)
Mum: Wowee! All that sleeping must be good for you. You are getting to be the biggest boy in the whole wide world.

Oscar: Yep, thats because I am big now, and I am three. And my feet are bigger and my arms are bigger and even my tummy is getting bigger. (gets a big, proud smile on his face)

He is getting bigger too...much, much bigger. No more little toddler - this is a big boy and we love him dearly.


Carli said...

WE love him dearly too (and miss him heaps).

marnie said...

ooohhh...great photos on a cute post! He is a precious big boy!

The Kings said...

He is so cute and funny!!

ButtonsByLouLou said...

Great photos! My oldest little boy is almost 3 - starting to move out of toddler phase. Exciting and sad.

Sarah said...

He is growing up so fast Toni! Such a gorgeous little man.

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