Wednesday, 29 April 2009

.the big three-zero.

Yesterday was the day...when young became old!

Work as per usual in the day, a yummy, special request family dinner and relaxing night to come home to. Food is always a big deal for Jaron - especially on his birthday. This year the menu included lamb rack (much easier to make than it looks...I found out it is really just a fancy lamb roast), hassleback potatoes and steamed vegies. Dessert: homemade Cold Rock icecream. It was quite delish.
Oscar woke up in the morning and after wishing Jaron a happy birthday he ran out to the bookshelf, grabbed the Kids Partycake Cookbook and decided that he had to pick out a cake...not a part of my plans for the day, we had birthday cake with the extended family on Sunday night so I thought I was going to get out of that one! But who can deny an enthusiastic 3 year old the excitement of a birthday cake? I convinced Oscar that cupcakes were the coolest cake around and that making up your own decorations were way better than the ones in the book! He bought it and I supplied him with packet-mix cupcakes, green icing and a couple of packets of lollies to go to town with. He had a ball!Oscar surprised Jaron with lots of homemade presents when he came home from work. Heaps of drawings and scrunched up pieces of paper. The one that cracked us up the most though...Osc got a sock out of Jaron's cupboard, stuffed it in a beanie, stuffed the beanie in a measuring cup and presented it to him. We laughed so much!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the BEST husband and Dad ever. You work so hard and look after us so well, we couldn't ask for anything more.



The Bartons said...

awwwwwww!!!!! happy birthday J!!!! haha oscar is a totally classic........

The Kings said...

Oscar is a crack up!

marnie said...

- 30 is NOT old!!!!!!!

happy Birthday Jaron!

Doesn't get much better. said...

awww! good idea with the cupcakes.
and jarons favourite-ribs. haha!

The Parsons Family said...

yay, happy birthday Jaron.. welcome to your 30's. They are the best!

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