Thursday, 30 April 2009


I have a few sewing items that I haven't taken photos of and blogged about yet...the problem with this little one is taking the photos. What you see is what you get!!

Lil in a few
Bloom tunics. Getting bigger is exciting because it means that she is starting to fit into all of the size 2 Make It Perfect samples I have hanging around!
I made this one reversible. Didn't take too much extra effort and now we have two tops to choose from. I love this Alexander Henry Entertaining Elephants print...should have thought twice about letting her eat something chocolate with it on because it already has little stains around the top...and then I put it in the wash with a pair of new brown cords=big brown mark on the side. She moves so fast you can hardly see it though!
(This is being an elephant...)
And the reverse side...


Carli said...

I love that brown one and the elephant print too! Lil is a good model, love her ony tail!

Anonymous said...

Lil looks absolutely thrilled to be your model.....not.
She looks so much like you when you were her age.
Love Auntie Lorraine.

:: fiona harding :: said...

I agree with Auntie Lorraine!!
She looks just like you used to.

Anonymous said...

I had a real laugh at Carli's blog.
I read Marley and me and I laughed out loud, and yes cryed like a big baby.
We have had three labradors, and Marley, was a combination of all three.
You would remember Britta!
When she died, which brings back memories now(it was the night of ANZAC day,. I sobbed so hard I woke up all the house, and we buried her under the trees outside, with all the kids having a testimony meeting about what a great dog she was.
Yes a funeral under lights at 3.30 in the morning.
She deserved that, it was the least we could do for her.
Nicki read the book after me, and she said that Tracey(our dog that we inherited off Chrish) is as crazy as Marley.
Love Auntie Lorraine.

sweet emmelie said...

Wow, what a great top, my fav is the brown and blue. she looks so cute!!

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